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Offering Reiki classes and treatments to adults and kids in the Niagara Region.


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I received 4 sessions from Roxsane and her hands felt warm. My right foot felt amazingly like it was wrapped in a large ice pack as it was healing from some small bone fractures. I felt all my comforts on this journey completely met. Wow! Liberating & Releasing a wonderful gift to myself that I recommend to others without hesitation.
I gave my 9 year old niece a Reikids gift certificate to have her establish a good foundation for treating herself and others with Reiki. I have also been continuing my monthly Reiki treatments for over 5 years now. With my busy life they keep me grounded and less frazzled.
I thank Roxsane for her generous spirit as a volunteer – sharing her talent for healing as a Reiki master with us. I have had the honor of experiencing a number of Reiki masters and I believe I have the greatest connection with Roxsane. Reiki treatments leave me with a feeling of deep relaxation and calmness. I feel the energy and at times have experienced the “third hand” which is a new, wonderful and powerful experience. Thank you so much.

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