The Healthy Self

Heart Chakra

heart chakra - the HeaLthy Self - Reiki treatments in St Catharines, OntarioThe Heart Chakra is at the centre of the chest at the level of the sternum. This is where love, spirituality and compassion are found and beats with the essences of transformation, interconnectedness and unconditional love. Here you can give and receive love as a transformational power and connect the body and mind with spirit. It is the centre of love expressed in action and assists in releasing emotional traumas.

Good Chakra balancing makes you compassionate, friendly, empathetic, desirous to nurture others and see the good in everyone. Acceptance, self-control and forgiveness are set here.

Bad Chakra balancing incurs self-pity, indecisiveness, fear of letting go, fear of getting hurt and feeling unworthy of love.

Body parts for the fourth Chakra are heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, arms, hands, muscles and upper back.

The colour is green and pink.

Gemstones recommended for the heart chakra are green and pink. Green – aventurine, calcite, chrysocolla, chrysopras, jade, malachite, moss agate, olivine, emerald and tourmaline. Pink – coral, kunzite, ruby, tourmaline, calcite, rose quartz.