The Healthy Self

Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakra - the HeaLthy Self - Reiki treatments in St Cathainres, OntarioThe Third Eye chakra is located in the centre of the forehead above the eyebrows. This chakra is the essence of clarification and seeing all things as they truly are. Here is experienced the purity of your inner vision. It is the area of higher intuition, ESP, energies of spirit and light and psychic ability.

Good Chakra balancing allows you to receive guidance and to channel and tune into your Higher Self. You feel that you are your own master and may experience telepathy, astral travel and view of past lives. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is also experienced here.

Bad Chakra balancing can cause you to lose your feelings of assertiveness, fear of success and have a lack of direction. It can lead to paranoia, manic depression and equilibrium imbalances.

Body parts include eyes, face, lymphatic and endocrine system.

The main colours are purple and dark blue.

The gemstones consist of Soladite, Lapis Lazuil, Sapphire, Violet Kunzite, Rock Crystal, Fluorite and Amethyst.