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Shihan Roxsane Rysdae Hon.BA, RP-CRA

Shihan Roxsane Rysdae, The HeaLthy Self, Reiki in St Catharines, OntarioRoxsane holds the highest level of accreditation to teach Reiki in Shiki Ryoho and Komyo ReikiDo. Her focus is with the traditional Japanese model of Reiki, Komyo ReikiDo. She is a registered member of Canadian Reiki Association and a Certified Reiki Pracitioner.

Roxsane holds an Honours BA in psychology and has worked as a counsellor with the YMCA, Family & Children’s Services and Niagara College.
She has received the CPIC – Criminal Police Investigation Certificate – and is insured with a Reiki health insurance policy.

She was given a Reiki treatment gift because of an illness. As a result of her first Reiki treatment her passion was ignited. Shihan Roxsane now teaches and practices Komyo ReikiDo™ with adults and children.

She has written an ALL ReiKids Rise manual and joyfully introduces children to their wonderful self.

Shihan Roxsane is also a Belief Closet Practitioner which is an efficient method of removing old beliefs that interfere with your life and replacing them with beliefs that support your progress, evolution, success and happiness. She is a life-long learner completing numerous courses; Lion Goodman, Jean Houston, Integrative Learning with Craig Hamilton to list just a few. Her training, abilities and skills have helped her as an intuitive Spiritual Warrior and circles it back to you with a bridge to your true self.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to give my Mother at age 82, Reiki treatments for 2 years before she crossed over in August of ’09 and Mom would say to me ‘it’s unbelievable’. She was overwhelmed at the heat emanating from my hands and even more amazed that my hands felt ‘normal’ when she reached out to touch them. They were not hot to the touch as she expected them to feel. A few months before my Mother passed and during a treatment she released all her long held sadness replacing it with a feeling of forgiveness and peace. She told me she never thought she would feel such peace. I am grateful to have been blessed to give and receive this gift. One of my Mother’s gifts to me is a parchment that says – “It is in giving that we receive”. Reiki healing energy is beneficial to the giver and receiver. We all benefit.”

Komyo ReikiDo Level I, II, III and IV

Roxsane has completed the Shinpiden Level in Komyo ReikiDo and is qualified to teach and attune anyone and everyone.

Other Courses completed:

  • Integral Enlightenment graduate with Craig Hamilton
  • Akashic Records with Linda Howe
  • The Power of Energy with Judith Orloff, Carolyn Myss, Ann Marie Chasson, Anodea Judith, David Ison, Donna Eden, Cyndi Dale, Ken Cohen
  • Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose with Jean Houston
  • The BeliefCloset™ Process with Lion Goodman

Online registration sessions with:

  • Ultimate Men’s Summit hosted by Stephen Dinan and Lion Goodman with Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Riane Eisler, Matthew Fox, Sequoyah Trueblood, Gary Zukav, Robert Moore and more…
  • Winter of Wellness hosted by Edward Mills from January 9th – March 22nd 2012 where she had access to some of the world’s leading experts in all areas of holistic wellness: mind, body, heart and soul
  • Spring of Sustainability series with Edward Mills from March 26 – June 22 2012 with speakers on the topics of Green business, lifestyles, activism, stewardship and pioneers
  • Healing with the Masters with Jennifer McLean from March 13 – June 7 2012. Interviews include: Donna Eden, Wayne Dyer, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Carol Look, Neale Donald Walsch, Mary A. Hall, & more
  • Teaching what we need to learn hosted by Raphael Cushnir. Leaders in Personal Growth & Spirituality share their own innermost challenges. These interviews are very revealing and confirms we all struggle to open our hearts.

Debra Kirvan

Debra Kirvan - The HeaLthy Self - Reiki treatments and classes in St Catharines NiagaraDebra Kirvan is a business manager and consultant and has her Level II in Reiki Shiki Ryoho. She assists with classes and events and her presence is very energetic and her knowledge of both Reiki and business is worthy.

Lyn Melanson

Lyn Melanson - The HeaLthy Self - Reiki treatments and classes in St Catharines NiagaraLyn Melanson is an associate with Level II in Komyo ReikiDo that assists with classes and events. She is an Animal Reiki Practitioner who enjoys working and playing with all animal energies. Lyn’s value is impressive.

Roxsane Rysdae - Reiki Shiki Ryoho (Usui) – Master Level width=

Reiki Shiki Ryoho (Usui) – Master Level (Click picture for full sized image)

Komyo Reiki Kai Level I, II, III

Komyo ReikiDo Level I, II, III, IV-Shinpiden level with title Shihan (Teacher) (Click picture for full sized image)