The Healthy Self


The following questions are the most frequently asked by our new clients. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

1. What is the #1 reason to try Reiki?

Reiki will help you to understand your own healing ability. Your energy will be boosted and will help you deal with stress, anxiety and/or pain.

2. What is Reiki? (pronounced Ray-Key)

Reiki is a simple yet complex treatment session that balances all of you including your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit.
If your energy is low you are more likely to get sick. If it is free flowing you feel healthy.

Reiki opens the pathways for your energy to flow more freely.

You already have this wonderful healing energy and Reiki opens up this channel of energy and there is nothing you have to do but receive its gift.

3. Who benefits from a Reiki treatment?

Anyone. And pets, animals, trees, houseplants, garden plants . . . you name it, Reiki increases the healing of all living things.

4. Do you have to be a special person to ‘do’ Reiki?

Anyone can channel this energy. Once attuned/initiated with Reiki energy it is available to you for the rest of your life. Self healing is only one of the benefits of Reiki.

5. What can you expect from a Reiki session?

  1. You can stand, sit or lay down wearing loose comfortable clothing usually on a massage table in a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Sometimes the Reiki Pracitioner gently touch you and it feels like a quarter sitting on your body. Sometimes he or she doesn’t. They may move around your energy body and are able to interpret most of the time what the energy is doing with and for you. It also depends on you.
  3. The session is approximately one hour long and begins at the head and works toward the feet.
  4. You may feel heat or cold or a tingling sensation from a practitioner’s hands and feel relaxed and invigorated after a treatment.
  5. The Chakras are also cleared during a Reiki treatment and through a scanning they are checked for balance. Also see the ‘Balance & Harmonize page.

6. How often should I receive a Reiki treatment?

Although you can receive one treatment The HeaLthy Self initially recommends 4 consecutive treatment sessions within 7 to 10 days to clear toxins and to enhance the  opening of the energy channels for huge benefits.  Treatment options and scheduling will be made at the best convenient time for you.

At The HeaLthy Self we highly recommend even to super charged healthy athletes a monthly Reiki session to maintain the body’s energy centers and allow the body to deal with stress, toxins and negativity of everyday living.  These sessions will help you cope with daily anxieties and tensions and promote confidence and a positive outlook on life.