The Healthy Self

Reiki Classes


During a Reiki class you will discover a deeper more aware part of yourself. The reiju (attunements) clear your body for a higher vibration and energy flow.  

Komyo ReikiDo™ the system Hyakuten Sensei created, presents Reiki as it was understood and commonly practiced in the 1920’s and 1930’s in Japan. This system places emphasis on spiritual unfoldment through the practice of Reiki Ryoho aiming for ‘satori’ or enlightenment.

Reiki Ryoho Degree (Level)
It is not that one degree is more powerful or more advanced than another. They have specific purposes: You begin with self, then progress to your family, friends, community and then beyond to all people and then to all beings.

For classes in Komyo ReikiDo
The HeaLthy Self requires a future student to experience a Reiki treatment with us before receiving Level I – Shoden.  If a student that has received certification from another practitioner requests any level from The HeaLthy Self a Reiki treatment is also required.

At the Healthy Self we teach Komyo ReikiDo:

  • Level I – Shoden
  • Level II – Chuden
  • Level III – Okuden
  • Level IV – Shinpiden

Also taught is Komyo ReikiDo to children 5 – 12 years old in Level I. (See Reiki for Kids)

Level I is taught in one day. There are 6 hours in the class with a follow up to answer questions and practice a Reiki treatment. The focus is on family and friends. Healing and happiness is emphasized.

Level II concentrates on the concept of ‘non-duality’ and their relationship to others and the world around them. Three of the four symbols are given with guidance for distant healing in the Japanese technique. This level is also taught in one day. 

Level III is the focus on spiritual practice and developing mindfulness and learning ‘non-attachment’. The aim for training is for Teacher candidates and for those who want to increase their understanding and inner growth through the practice of Reiki. One final symbol is given. Length of class is open.

Level IV is for those who want to teach Komy ReikiDo. Candidates will have completed Levels I,II & III. Length of class is open.

Consideration will be given to those who have completed Levels I & II with The HeaLthy Self or other KomyoReikiDo teachers before receiving Level III.

Level I – Shoden

During a Reiki Level I Shoden class you will discover a deeper more aware part of yourself. This level focuses mostly on healing yourself.  Your family, friends, pets, plants, food…are also great ways to practice your new healing gifts.                  

The Level 1 class includes:

  • Binder of history, instruction and literature; i.e., What is Reiki?, History of Reiki, Hand positions, Self treatment, Treating another person
  • Introduction to and discussion on the Gokai – Reiki Principles and Precepts
  • Practical uses of Reiki
  • 4 reiju (attunements) are given and received
  • A 21 day self-healing practice and Gassho meditation
  • 1 hour hands-on practice
  • A safe, supportive learning environment
  • Small class size – maximum of 4 students
  • Ongoing mentorship

Certificates for Level I will be given at the follow-up appointment.

Level II – Chuden

Level II – Chuden in Komyo ReikiDo initiation involves four reiju (attunements). The focus moves to others outside of friends and family and 3 symbols – shirushi – are taught.  The energy becomes stronger and a more concentrated direct energy.  Mental and distant healing is taught.  The student can send direct energy to rooms, plants, animals, future meetings, events, a Higher Self, relatives, friends, an Angel, a loved one who has crossed over.

Certificate for Level II will be given at the follow-up appointment

Level III – Okuden

Initiation into the Third Degree – Okuden – is for Teacher candidates and/or Reiki practitioners who want to deepen an understanding of Reiki Ryoho and develop inner growth.  You will explore the inner teaching of Reiki Ryoho and begin to tread on a spiritual path to “Anshin ritsumei” or Satori (enlightenment).  You will be given the fourth shirushi or symbol after receiving Reiju (initiation/attunement).

Students who are certified for this level of guidance show a commitment to their Reiki inner growth. They are sensitive to their own and others energies and feel ready to deepen their psycho-spiritual connection.

At this time the teacher/student relationship is meaningful and includes meetings and discussions that encompasses the students’ needs. Support and guidance is continuous with the teacher. Meditation is empasized.

Certificate of completion of Level III will be given at the follow-up appointment

Length of class is open.

Level IV – Shinpiden

At the Shinpiden Level IV there are no attunements given except at the discretion of the teacher for focusing motivations to teach Komyo ReikiDo. The Teacher candidate is shown the attunement (initiation) process for Levels I, II and III.  A further study of the inspiration of Mikao Usui is given during the class. It is important the candidate focuses on inner growth and personal awareness for him/herself and also for those they teach. Shinpiden candidates must be certified in all Komyo levels and involved in an apprentice program which includes sitting in on one class for each Komyo ReikiDo level.

Length of class is open.