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Reiki for Kids

ALL ReiKids Rise - Reiki for Kids - St Catharines, Ontario
ALL ReiKids Rise is our Reiki program developed for kids in the Niagara Region between the ages of 5 and 12. It is designed to teach them about their natural gifts and enrich their lives both personally and professionally.


This program will:

  • help children to relax and stay calm
  • help children know their innate talents
  • guide them to clarity and understanding of their true self
  • give them positive attitudes toward self and others
  • show him or her how to use their special talents in the physical world

ALL ReiKids Rise will offer an introduction (attunement) that opens the connection to your child’s inner healing power. Our Level 1 Class includes:

  • A safe, supportive learning environment with Reiki Teacher (Shihan – Level instructor and assistant)
  • Small class size
  • Four (4) attunements
  • A take home colouring book manual
  • Certificate of Level 1 – Shoden: Komyo ReikiDo
  • ongoing follow up support which includes work/playtime

One class, approximately 4 hours in length, will be planned at a convenient time for both parents and teacher. There is a follow-up time set for children shortly after receiving Level I and ongoing play time with the Sun’s Light of Energy for children to become aware and accustomed to their own energy. Usually 1 – 2 hours is arranged according to parents and teachers schedules. A follow-up is included in the course fee.

Parents are welcome to stay in the background. They will need to leave the room during the attunements so that the childrens’ introductions to the energies are enhanced.

We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them to discover it within themselves.
~ (Galileo 1564 – 1642)

ALL ReiKids Rise - Reiki for Kids